Cables & Chains

Cables & Chains

Thanks to our shop and storage warehouse in Bismarck ND, there is always a stock of various cables & chains. We also have the hardware available to custom make any length and size assembly required to get the job done.
Our 500-ton press can ensure all rigging is made with complete safety in mind.


Who We Are

Rigging & Tools was established in 1979 by Brad Olsen. Customer service is key to keeping a positive relationship with clients, and it is also what we seek in our vendors as well. The key to our success is fortifying a strong supply link to keep jobs running smoothly.

Where We Are

We are located in North Dakota and is a part of the Bismarck community. Over the years Rigging & Tools has grown in the distribution of products and support to our customers.
Our ultimate objective is to be perceived as “local everywhere”.

How We Work

Our aim is to work closely with our customers in order to build long-term partnerships.
By producing totally reliable equipment, and backing them up with efficient service and support, we strive to create true customer satisfaction.